Anchi Berko

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Hello There!
Let’s be honest: Who doesn’t want to be a hero?
Well I for one enjoy helping people,   its just my passion, and if that make me a HERO, then so be it.
In fact since you are just reading this letter tells me that you are kind of the type that cant resist helping others.
Lemme ask you.... Have you ever seen the sparkle in the eyes of a yingerman after he just began taking stimulants for ADHD? its unreal the change a little medication can do for people who suffer from OCD or a vaibel from PPD.
The change is UNREAL.
But most people suffering have no clue who to turn to, and can't even think of going to a doctor especially when you hear the prices of Psychiatrists or any decent therapists.
That's why I Need You
You know why?
Because Regional Bikur Cholim puts their money where there mouths are. But they can only handle a certain amount of cases. no I'm not strashening.. its laider the reality
The more CASH you and I raise, the more families will get stabilized and put back on their feet.
THINK ABOUT IT..... its your 720$ that will pay for 2 doctor visits and a session with a therapist. There is no percentage going down and extra money getting lost its going straight to the doctors and help needed.
zol men kainm,ul nish darfen tzikimen tzi zai.
Did i get you Hooked?
Click here and give your part.....
But im not done yet
lemme ask you something..... Do you know someone else who would be able to join and send out an email to his contacts and ask for help? all you need is a varime heart and the rest the system will do to do the shnorring part.
Go ahead and do it!
Anchi Berko


Statistics for 2015 -תשע"ה

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Phone calls answered

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bowls of chicken soup served

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